Gustavo Petro wins the Historic Pact for Lights and Shadows

Candidate Gustavo Petro confirmed on Sunday the favorable vote that polls had been highlighting for weeks.

( of those who are candidates (Positions of candidates Historic Pact to Pensions and Inflation).

The former mayor of Bogota as well as a former senator of the Republic took the victory in the Historic Pact alliance and officially became a candidate of the presidency for the Republic which that he's always aspired for since the beginning of the third year.

He is the most representative of the Colombian left and is a strong presidential candidate despite his controversial views and ideas on numerous areas, including the economic. announced his plans to revamp the pension system with the establishment of a public manager of the pension funds. The pension system will be "mixed" and will complement the private fund.

The candidate said that Colombia has no retirement system, but rather an institution that generates bank profits. Many believe this would stop his from being President. Petro recently stated however that he wouldn't abolish pensions, but would try to reform the pension system in Colombia in order achieve the minimum amount of pensions for Colombians. Petro has also stated that there is "no necessity" to increase the pension age.

(Who comprise the list of potential candidates to be part of the Historic Pact).

Another thing that has been criticized concerning him is the fact that he repeatedly promises that he will cease oil extraction when he assumes office. This situation has caused confusion among investors as in the market.

The experts estimate that Petro's plan to stop exploration for oil would cost Colombia about $4.3 billion.

petro gustavo includes the creation an anti-oil front both in the region as well the world that moves the economy away from fossil fuels. I would invite Gabriel Boric to Chile and LuizInacio Lula de Silva to join me.

Petro claimed that Petro was in conversation with Pedro Sanchez (the Prime Minister of Spain) about his plan.

His attitude towards health concerns has also been controversial. He has insistent on eliminating EPS and replacing it with a model of prevention that "guarantees all rights of individuals and the profit of banksters".

He also questioned the independence of Banco de la Republica, and declared that he would also change the institution in the event of his becoming President.

Petro claims that the Bank's Board of Directors is part of a political party called the Democratic Center. Therefore, Petro says, "What we want" is an independent Bank of the Republic (...). Petro said that in the middle of an debate.

Invamer informs us that Petro is the leader in voting intentions for the presidential elections.

The idea of releasing funds to finance government expenditure was also controversial.

Petro's recommendations include an economy that is not dependent on fossil fuels, extraction of hydrocarbons as well as mining. Agriculture plays a larger role. is also stated that he would implement a tax overhaul that would eliminate exemptions and transform the concept of minimum wage into real wage rates based on capital and income.

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